A Wide Range of Experience in Natural Resources Studies

Lands With a History of Irrigation

Client/Sponsor: US Bureau of Indian Affairs

The objective of these projects was to identify lands in a particular area which have been irrigated in the recent (120 years) past and describe their history. To describe their location, their source of water, years during which farming took place, etc., using aerial photography, maps, and other documentary sources. Data is presented in reports and has been used in water rights adjudications.

Livestock Management and Uses

Clients/Sponsors: US Bureau of Indian Affairs, US Department of Justice

These projects were undertaken to describe water features serving livestock in a particular area, and to propose a system of how to describe water rights for the purpose of livestock and wildlife use. This entails developing data for a storage water right as well as a livestock consumption water right. Data is presented in reports and has been used in water rights adjudications.

soil Investigation of Pre-Columbian Farm Fields

Clients/Sponsors: various

Projects describe the soil characteristics of farm fields farmed by irrigation between 500 and 700 years ago. Soil within fields is described for its morphology and chemistry, with results providing understanding of the genesis and use of the soil by ancient farmers. Investigations have been performed on tribal lands, National Monument land and Bureau of Land Management lands. Data is presented in reports and has been used in water rights adjudications.

Mr. Banet has a wealth of experience in natural resources management, particularly in the realm of water rights. He has provided expert witness testimony at trial and through depositions. He has prepared numerous reports of investigations submitted as evidence, as well as co-authored several peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Analyses Using Geographic Information System

Clients/Sponsors: various

Projects use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to analyze challenging issues. Assessed changes of features through time; analyzed land use patterns; identified water and land features; assessed watershed and hydrology features; delineated soil features, suitability and limitations; calculated acreage of features. Created maps describing results.


Mr. Banet brings a B.S. in Forest Science from the University of Illinois and an M.S. in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Tennessee to engage in exacting natural resources issues and needs.

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